What is Honeygain?

Is a crowdsourced network company which enables other businesses to conduct intelligence, market, and business research. The app facilitates proxy services to third parties, such as data scientists, Fortune 500, and other trustworthy companies. You earn credits for every KB of data you bring in, and after collecting enough of credits, you can convert them to USD. The minimum payout is 20USD. Currently honeygain support payments via PayPal.

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What is FluidStack?

Is a cloud platform that serves websites from a network of consumer devices (instead of expensive data centres). Just install the FluidStack node, and you will be able to earn money when your computer is idle! The software detects when your device isn’t being used, and then it will use your bandwidth and CPU to serve web content and perform computation. The minimum payout is $5. Payouts are made at the end of every month.

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