Top Paying Dogecoin Faucet List - 2019 | Faucethub | Microwallet
Dogecoin Faucet List

Name Payment Reward Time Extra Link
CryptoFun Hot FaucetHub 0.40 Satoshis 1 Min Bonus CLAIM
FaucetDoge Hot Doge Wallet 0.40 Satoshis 60 Min Multiply, Lottery CLAIM
Speedup-faucet Hot FaucetHub 0.35 Satoshis 10 Min Bonus, Dice CLAIM
ClaimDoge Hot FaucetHub 0.30 Satoshis 0 Min Offers, Lottery, Other CLAIM
LarveFaucet FaucetHub 0.30 Satoshis 0 Min Offerwalls, Videos CLAIM
Firefaucet Hot FaucetHub 0.30 Satoshis 0 Min Point, Daily Rank CLAIM
MoonDoge Hot Coinpot 0.25 Satoshis 0 Min Loyalty , Token CLAIM
Freebcc FaucetHub 0.25 Satoshis 0 Min Offerwalls, Featured CLAIM Doge Wallet 0.23 Satoshis 60 Min Lottery, Multiply CLAIM
Skyfaucet FaucetHub 0.21 Satoshis 0 Min Mining CLAIM
Dogeads FaucetHub, Other 0.20 Satoshis 0 Min Offers, Surfads, Other CLAIM
BestBitcoin FaucetHub < 0.50 Satoshis 1 Min No Bonus CLAIM
Claimcrypto FaucetHub < 0.50 Satoshis 1 Min No Bonus CLAIM
IteMoney FaucetHub < 0.44 Satoshis 30 Min No Bonus CLAIM
Want2crypto FaucetHub < 0.42 Satoshis 1 Min No Bonus CLAIM
Claimfree FaucetHub < 0.30 Satoshis 0 Min No Bonus CLAIM

What is FluidStack

FluidStack is a platform which provides cloud services and delivers content for websites from a network of consumer devices (instead of large data centres). We can significantly speed up and reduce the cost of delivering website content, and performing enterprise computation.

FluidStack software detects when your device is idle, and then uses a small amount of your bandwidth and CPU to serve web content, and process video files.

FluidStack guarantee a payment between $5-$50 per month. FluidStack pay $10 per 100Mbps, so if you have a 200Mbps speed, we pay you $20 per month. This is the current list of technical requirements:
Microsoft Windows (64bit), A desktop computer;
FluidStack also accept laptops which are online more than 50% (12 hours) of the time;
2GBs of RAM, 10 GBs of free storage space and Upload Speed of >1Mbps. FluidStack takes just 3 minutes to install. Join our community of over 10,000 earners. Download the FluidStack installer today.

What is my computer used for?

Your computer is anonymously aggregated into a cloud network of thousands of devices. These devices are then used as a whole, with tasks distributed amongst all of them, in order to provide low cost and high performance cloud services. Cloud services we provide currently are CDN, proxies for webscraping, high performance compute for research teams and video transcoding. We aim to rapidly expand the number of services we are able to provide.

What are you waiting for? check FluidStack now!