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Faucet Premium Scripts or Payments

GR8CC - $ 100. The GR8 Faucet Script can be purchased Here Recommended


  1. Responsive CSS works on Mobile, Tablet and PC
  2. Claen Layout - Simple design without clutter
  3. Proxy Blocker: Block most proxies from accessing.
  4. NastyHost-Blocks the other bad IPs
  5. Solvemedia captcha
  6. Makejar 5.50 links antibot
  7. Fail to attempt to lock out - block users from claiming if they fail captcha or antibot many times
  8. An IP / Addy-IP & Addy request both recorded over time and
  9. verified before each claim
  10. Use BTC, LTC, or DOGE.
  11. And much more

JQuery script - The price of the script is 0.019BTC Find Here

This script based on JQuery, PHP, MySQL.Script looks really cool and good. It has good adjustable protection against the robots immediately by many factors.


  1. Rewards
  2. Smooth loading
  3. Ban ISP
  4. Detect Bots and prohibit the instant
  5. 1 Current IP Claim
  6. Payment for faucethub or Xapo
  7. Easy to set up. Only adjust the

Game or game faucet - Price of this script is $ 99.98 Find Here

It is considered with a more profitable and more professional faucet script that is currently there, it has many options so I recommend it to anyone thinking of investing for the future.


  1. Robust, flexible, secure and easy to use.
  2. Contains news system.
  3. Contains gaming system.
  4. Contains contact form.
  5. Login Register site based.
  6. Recaptch and Solvemedia captcha to kill bots.Secure anti-bot system.
  7. Prohibit bots and multiple accounts automatically.
  8. Profit system.
  9. Conversation system.
  10. Use BlockTrail for payments.
  11. Includes forums to generate more impressions.
  12. It is reliable, extremely used and is considered one of the best scripts in the industry.
  13. Webmasters noticed a 90% decline in bot activity on their sites after switching to this script.


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