99 Bitcoins WordPress Faucet Script

This is an amazing script, it has many features that you, as a faucet owner, definitely need. Also, being a WordPress plugin means you can easily change the look of your faucet by changing the WordPress theme. Having a single designed in a unique way will increase your chances of being accepted in various advertising networks.

Features of 99 Bitcoins BTC Faucet Script

  1. Support for payments with FaucetHub
  2. Choose between ReCaptcha and SolveMedia captures
  3. Multiple reward system
  4. Antiquity Features - rewards are increased for users returning on their taps for a number of consecutive days
  5. Payment Records and Charts
  6. Different statistics (top claims, major referrals, 24-day claims, etc.)
  7. Detailed statistics for each bitcoin address
  8. IP / BTC Address Ban List
  9. Request developer support directly from your faucet panel

Not so good resources:

  1. There is no instant payment option. Users are forced to reach the withdrawal limit you set and you must send the payments to users who have arrived at this facility. This is something that users do not take very well due to trust issues - especially from new taps.
  2. For each payment, there is a 0.5% fee sent to the script developer. You can disable this, but you will not be able to automatically update the script (you will have to do it manually).


Everything you need to know about installing and configuring this script has already been written by the script's author (there is also a video tutorial). Find Here

Small Turorial Of How To Install Plugin In Wordepress

I will not teach how to host wordepress because there are several tutorials on the Web that teach how to create a website with wordpress.org. Once you have installed your wordpress website site now it is time to install the 99bitcoin faucet script plugins. Download the plugin on your PC, then enter Wordpress.org in the plugin install plugin loads the plugin the way it was downloaded to wordpress and after installing activate the plugin.

If you have successfully installed and are active, the menu or configuration option for your faucet will be added to wordpress. Now just follow the setup steps.

Note: Soon I will do a tutorial Video, but if you have difficulties installing the plugin leave a comment and I will make the video soon.


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