Meet the best bitcoin faucet or faucet script, "paid and free script" with more professionalism and safety To create bitcoin faucet or bitcoin faucet, dogecoin faucet.

Free faucet scripts

Script faucetBox Ultimate Makejar - Find and Download Here Recommended

It is most recommended script so it does not have much programming domain. The current version comes more updated and more profitable compared to previous ones, you can now add link shortener. The integration of anti-bot is the function that most highlights the script because many do not understand programming language to create own anti-bot security.


  1. Integration with Antibot-Inside
  2. Multi currency Bitcoin Faucet Script
  3. Supporting FaucetHub & Faucetsystem
  4. Multi captcha (almost all new captchas are ready here
  5. ...

DEEP64 Script - Find and Download Here Recommended

This is one of the best and free scripts with many features, look it is better to download and save if they can change their mind and start selling. This beautiful little thing is free.

Learn more and download: and view the demo live:


  1. FaucetHUB and EPay integration (can work together).
  2. Integration of "SolidMedia" or reCAPTCHA.
  3. Statistics for each claim (address, ip, browser useragent ...)
  4. You can ban not only IPs, but also BTC addresses.
  5. Anti-AD-Block
  6. A complaint for an IP
  7. TOR / VPN protection
  8. Extensive, easy-to-use dashboard

Salmen'n Faucethub script - Find and Download Here

In this script, you can change the reward from the minimum to the maximum value - it generates a random payment Block VPN / Proxy and you can put the Bitcoin address or IP address in the blacklist and they will get errors after solving the captch. You can add HTML sites or change the three advertising spots. The payment will be stores in the account. Users can withdraw it at any time to do faucethub and view statistics as full claims or 24 hours. A small fee of 3 maximum satoshi will be sent to the owner for each claim.

99bitcoins Wordpress Script - Find and Download Here

This script or plugin is made by You can use Faucethub as your payment option. And try to always update it. I think it is safe for adsense by posting some content on the site.

CoinBox - Faucethub supported. The best faucethub script if you love to put shortlinks on your faucet. Main Features (– Multi shortlinks support, – BitCaptcha, – Faucet statistics on the homepage). - Find Here

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