Tutorial - Learn how to create your faucet today.

When I created this blog I created a tutorial teaching with creating a faucet from scratch with paid hosting, free script and "Faucethub and faucetsystem with payment processors or microwallet." But this is the second article teaching to create a faucet of zero with all necessary requirements.

  1. You need at least a minimum of $50 to start spending on hosting faucet "faucet" and buying the domain of the website, some hosting sites offer free domain in the purchase of annual hosting which is quite expensive.

  2. Recommended Hosting Sites.

    1. Hosting.com - Cheap Price - Find Here Recommended
    2. Namecheap - Cheap - Price ( Is My Favorite) - Find Here Recommended
    3. Bluehost - Recommended For Big Project - Find Here
    4. Hostgator - Recommended For Big Project - Find Here
    5. Dreamhost - Recommended For Big Project - Find Here

  3. With free script you do not have to spend any more is to be connected to the internet and to enter in the official site and to download

  4. Script Faucetinabox Ultimate - It is most recommended script so it does not have much programming domain. The current version comes more updated and more profitable compared to previous ones, you can now add link shortener. The integration of anti-bot is the function that most highlights the script because many do not understand programming language to create own anti-bot security. - Find Here Recommended

    99bitcoins Wordpress Script This script or plugin is made by 99bitcoins.com. You can use Faucethub as your payment option. And try to always update it. I think it is safe for adsense by posting some content on the site. - Find and Download Here Recommended

    Faucet CMS - It's a professional script, the user needs to log in with the crypto-currency address. Administrator or tap owner has the opportunity to see real time statistics. It is recommended to use this script with a good web site hosting not to be slow with over requests or how many users are connected at the same time. - Find Here Recommended

    Alpha Faucet Script - This script is more common than others, but the advantage of it is that it does not use data bank, so it is easier to configure and faster, it also comes with diversified themes. - Find Here

    CoinBox - Faucethub supported. The best faucethub script if you love to put shortlinks on your faucet. Main Features (– Multi shortlinks support, – BitCaptcha, – Faucet statistics on the homepage). - Find Here

    Salmen'n Faucethub script - In this script, you can change the reward from the minimum to the maximum value - it generates a random payment Block VPN / Proxy and you can put the Bitcoin address or IP address in the blacklist and they will get errors later of solving the captcha. - Find Here

    Note: What most highlights a good script is the security and profitability options, so I recommend the "Script Faucetinabox Ultimate and Faucet CMS " for me and the ones are most updated by the creators according to the evolution of the market.

  5. - Choice of Microwallet "rewards or payments processor"

  6. The choice of a good microwallet is important, since a good microwallet is not necessarily the one that only pays, but also the one that has more users, paid and with more options and benefits in the market so that more people have access and recommended by several users of crypto-coins. Once you have chosen the microwallet you have to finance 20-50 dollars in bitcoin to start compensating your workers.

    Two most recommended Microwallets:
    1. FaucetHub; and - Find Here Recommended
    2. Faucetsystem - Closed

  7. - Time to monetize a Faucet

  8. Choosing a right program to monetize a faucet, blog and website is not easy because each program has its rules, manias, rates and more things. In case a faucet "faucet" monetize is not something easy when dealing with a program you should pay someone to view your website. The most recommended is to add more than 2 or 3 Network ads your faucet:

    Network ads for faucet

    Banner/Text Ads
    1. A-ads - Find Here Recommended
    2. Mellowads - Find Here Recommended
    3. Bitcoadz.io - Find Here
    4. Coinverti - Find Here Recommended
    5. Cryptocoinsad - Find Here Recommended
    6. Adcalm - Find Here

    7. Pop-under and Popup Ads
    8. Bitcoadz.io - Find Here
    9. Adfly - Find Here
    10. Popads - Find Here
    11. Mellowads - Find Here
    12. Adcalm - Find Here

    13. Shortened Ads or "URL Shortcuts"
    14. Oturl - CPM $ 3 + - Find Here
    15. Cpmlink - CPM $ 3 + - Find Here
    16. Cut Url - CPM $ 3 + - Find Here
    17. TokenFly - CPM $ 5 + - Find Here
    18. Mozcut - CPM $ 1.5 + - Find Here

Good Luck

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